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As Church Planters, our support comes from people like you and churches like yours. Your support will help us establish a Free Will Baptist Church in Fort Collins that reaches people with the life changing gospel of Christ.


Terry & Tammy Miller Missions Account

​Our account is currently "in the ​red"

We are in need of additional support of individuals and churches to bring the account back where it needs to be. We are praying that God would provide the support needed and that you might prayerfully consider the possibility.

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Waypoint Church

Operation and Maintenance

As a new church, we have a small number of people who are able to support the work. Anything you can give to help with everyday operating expenses and maintenance would be a great blessing!



​We currently owe $138,621.76 on our mortgage with the Church Extension Loan Fund.  Paying this off would help us to be able to go self-supporting sooner, and would free up money for CELF to help other churches who need to buy land and build buildings.


Church Sign

​We have covered the old sign with banners, but need to have the sign replaced. The estimates to replace range from around 3,000 for basic to around 30,000 for LEDs


Balcony Carpet

​Thankful that we were able to get the risers just about finished before lumber prices went crazy! Once they are complete, we will need to have carpet installed before we will be able to install the seating. Once the seats are installed we will have an additional 110 seats. We do not have an estimate yet.


Front Doors

​The front doors on both buildings need to be upgraded. They are in poor operating condition, but also need to be updated with panic hardware on each door. The estimate came in at a little over 8,000 for both entry ways.


Sprinkler System

​Due to the age of the system and the frequency of repairs having to be made to the system, it needs to be overhauled at the very least. We have not received an estimate on this yet.

Heat/Cool System

For Classroom Building

Currently we have an older boiler system for heat, that has been repaired several times, and has now developed a leak under the concrete floor. Cooling is provided by Window units. We need to replace the old boiler system and would like to replace it with an energy efficient central air system. No estimate on this.

Anything that you or your church can do to help us with any of these projects will be greatly appreciated!


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