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Support us with your prayers


It's not the "least you could do", but one of the greatest things you can do, to get in touch with the almighty God who has unlimited power and resources. Asking Him to meet all of our needs and to bless His work here.


Support us with your finances


As Church Planters, our support comes from people like you, and from churches like yours.  Would you prayerfully consider supporting us on a monthly basis, or helping us with one of our projects? Would you ask your church to consider the possibility?


Support us with your  influence


You can help us enormously by telling other people what God is doing here in Fort Collins. Share our praise, so others can join in with us as we praise God for what he is doing here. Share our needs so that others may also help as God so leads.


Support us with your  presence


We need spiritually mature, like-minded people to join us in the work here at Waypoint Church.  Whether it's a mission trip or joining us for the long haul, Is it possible that God may be speaking to your heart about it?  Give us a call if your exploring the possibility!

Invite us for a service


We have some dates open, and would be glad to come to your church, if possible, to share with you and your church, what God is doing here in Fort Collins.


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