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Terry & Tammy Miller


 Terry and Tammy joined North American Ministries for a second time in January of 2015.  They continued to raise support as they moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in June of 2016.  Terry is the pastor of Waypoint Church. Tammy is the church secretary and leader of our women's ministries, they are both excited about what God can do through the ministry of Waypoint Church.

Tammy enjoys teaching in women's ministry, reading, writing, and sewing. She also enjoys scenic drives in the mountains and countryside and the occasional hike down nature trails.  Archery, hunting, fishing, and hiking are Terry's favorite outdoor activities.  He also enjoys working on his 68' Chevy C10 short-bed pickup, which was originally Tammy's grandfather's truck. He is learning to spend more time reading, learning how to write, and has always enjoyed the occasional challenge of "fixing whats broke".  They have five sons, four daughters-in-law, eight grandchildren, and consider themselves "Blessed Beyond Measure".


Devan Miller


  Devan is Terry and Tammy's youngest son, and has been with them since they first moved to Colorado.  He is our sound and video guy, keeping things going for our services from the sound booth.  He makes sure things show up on the screen and come out the speakers the way they should.  He also helps out with whatever projects we have going on around the church.  Devan spends  time in the outdoors and has his own project in the garage; a 65' Ford F100 short-bed pickup.

The Millers

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